Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Information Management

A Hardware-Neutral, Service Focused Solution
which helps fleet owners not only Track and Trace their fleet but also help them in vastly improving their efficiency.
GoodsMover helps Fleet owners run their fleet in a more efficient manner by actively involving itself in all areas of Fleet Management and providing not just a track and trace service but an overall solution.

GoodsMover with it's vast experience in Fleet Management and Logistics, builds service models that fit the customers operational requirements. GoodsMover constantly suggests improvements in the service model to help clients increase efficiency and reduce overheads.

Fleet Management Solutions

A SaaS based FMS service which helps customers keep a real-time track of all the expenses incurred on the fleet. The solution is designed after intensive inputs and feedback from clients across the industry in various segments like Express Cargo, Cold Chain and Automotive Logistics. All the usage patterns and needs of each of these segments with respect to the Fleet have been carefully monitored to develop this solution.

Logistic Portal (Soon to be launched)

A comprehensive market portal for the entire transport/logistics industry which will help the entire industry to network, share capacities and also market themselves.
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