Why should I enable my fleet with Vehicle Tracking solutions?
Vehicle tracking is becoming an integral part of Fleet Management today and is being extended not just to track and trace vehicles but for various other applications in the areas of security and Fleet management. The future belongs to an automated and connected fleet.

What device should I opt for?
The mistake most Fleet managers make when they choose a device is to overlook its upgradability factor. Look at a device which can meet your present and you’re intended near future requirements. Devices which are upgradable will help save you cost and effort when some major new change arrives and your fleet would be fast to adopt these upgradations.

Another major factor is to make sure the devices you purchase are neutral and are not locked into the service provider, by doing so you have option to shifting service providers if the service provided is not matching up to your expectation levels.

Service Model and Service levels?
Be sure to choose a service provider who can adopt your service model and service levels, only then will the exercise of enabling your fleet with GPS devices make true sense and derive true value. Make a thorough assessment of your expectations from the service provider so that is a harmony in the operations and implementation of GPS should add to the efficiency of your fleet, but not create a fresh set of problems.
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